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Effective HR also have a Workers Compensation specialisation team.

No matter what state you are in, we offer different levels of support for any workers compensation claim your company is dealing with.

Our specialist can either provide advice to you throughout your management of the claim, or they can come in and manage it for you.

This service falls into two main categories:

1.  Support with Workers Compensations Claims

2.  Proactive support to reduce Premiums


Workers Compensation 


Proactive Premium


  • Disputing claims prior to acceptance

  • Case conferences with all stakeholders

  • Claim intervention strategies

  • General practitioner management (analysis of diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment)

  • Insurer and agent management

  • Tribunal representation

  • Management of impairment and damages claims

  • Obtaining timely upgrades in functional capacity

  • End to end claim management

Workers’ compensation premiums can be one of your largest employee-related expenses after payroll. Effective HR can offer a range of Workers' Compensation consulting services to provide advice and support to educate you on how we can work towards bringing the cost of your premium down.


​In most states, Workers Compensation premiums are based on factors such as:

  •  The industry in which you operate

  •  The amount of wages the employer pays

  •  The cost of the claims made by employees

Effective HR can implement strategies to assist with your claims cost to mitigate premium increases. In most states, claims form part of your claims history, which sit on your premium for up to three years. One expensive claim can see three years of huge premium increases.

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