Q: I need two people to do the same job, do I have to pay the recruitment package price twice?


A: No! If you are hiring for two people to the exact same job, you won’t have to pay the package price twice. We’ll adapt the package of your choice so that it includes provisions for two successful applicants, this may involve a slight price change depending on package type – e.g. if we are conducting additional references for you. Ask us for a quote!


If you are recruiting for two similar, but not identical, roles, have a chat to us about how we can custom design a package for you.


Q: Do I still have to pay for my advertising costs?


A: Yes. We are here to support you and guide you through your recruitment activity and will help you write the stellar advert you need, but we are not responsible for the costs of placing the advert (e.g. Seek, newspapers). However, we will talk you through your advertising channel choices, and provide advice on whether they are the right ones for your particular job.


Q: Do you guarantee I will hire someone?


A: Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that – as choosing a person to hire is ultimately your choice. But, we will help you get the best pool of applicants to choose from, and help you narrow down that field to the best options for your business.


Q: My new hire starts soon, can you help?


A: Of course! We can help you design an on boarding program so that your new employee gets off to the best possible start in your business. Ask us for a quote!